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A Tale Of God's Whisper

Hey Dear friends, I just wanted to share with you a poem I wrote today, based solely on the following Photo.

In depths of the night, I stand as a guide,

To weave a tale from the deepest inside.

A tale of God's whisper, of power and might,

The Earth craves his presence and awaits in delight.

The wind blows softly, a foreboding voice,

Brings a touch of madness, a prelude to choice.

God looks from above, with ancient insight,

Whispering to Earth, His intention forthright.

"O Earth, be prepared, for soon I shall return,

With fury and righteousness, you shall discern.

Your lands may be grazed, your governments may fall,

But In the ruins and chaos, you and My people shall stand tall."

The Earth, she trembles, sensing His wrath,

But also a hunger, a passionate path.

Her rivers rejoice, evoking a storm,

As lightning flashes, her heart takes form.

"Oh God, I await you, with trembling delight,

Bring forth your awe, let your power ignite.

I and your people long for your presence and for your mighty voice,

In tumultuous chaos, our souls shall rejoice.

For we know something the others can't see, we've already won this war in realms unseen "

So, my dear friends, watch the skies,

Where darkness falls, light shall arise.

In a haunting waltz, fate's tapestry weaves,

Revealing the end, where hope retrieves.

For in the midst of chaos and despair,

Love's flame burns bright with a fervent glare.

Through trials and tribulations, we ascend,

A soul-stirring journey, where brokenness can mend.

So amidst the storms, let courage unfurl,

Embrace the unknown, let destiny swirl.

In the depths of their dance, a new chapter begins,

Love's triumph emerges, as the universe grins.

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1 Comment

How deep, yet showing the love our God has over us, that his appearing is close at hand!! Ptlord!!!!!

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