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Look Up America!

Look Up, By Marcus wheeles of Clayroses
Look Up ClayRoses

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Well, here we are in the 3rd year of, how do I say it, I guess upside down world. Best way I could decribe it anyway. How's everybody holding on out there? Amber and I genuinely hope and pray that everyone who views these words is making it ok, healthy and safe, and that everyone is growing closer to our Father Yahwey and our Savior and Lord Yeshua. 

Where are we right now? Where are we in regards to America being overtaken from within by Communists and Nazis? Where are we in saving our great country that we all love? Here's my short and long answer- I have no idea!! Seriously, I really don't have a clue. What. So. Ever.

I do believe, however, there is a great probability that Trump did something. Not that he did something illegal to deserve being targeted by our "judicial system" like he's being targeted with these bogus indictments and court cases. I believe Trump knew 100%, without a shadow of a doubt, the level of infiltration in our government, federal down to local, and that the 2020 election was rigged and stollen, (and many, many more in years past), and I believe he did things to thwart our country being completely taken over, or to free what has already been captured. I believe it because of the executive orders he issued leading up to, and post 2020 election, and I believe it because my gut tells me so. I also have heard many prophetic words stating that Trump is a chosen one of God and is fighting evil. I do think we are in the middle of WW3, because it's not just America and Americans who are fighting evil for our survival, freedom, happiness and prosperity, it's every God fearing person alive that's fighting. I also believe we are witnessing a plan unfold right in front of us, every day, and we are not in the need to know group controlling the planning, and it's making us all a little stir crazy at this point not knowing.

I have, however, noticed on social media lately that there seems to be an uptick in sentiments like, "Trump's not gonna save us", or "the military's not gonna save us", or perhaps, "Q is not gonna save us", and followed up with things like, "everybody has to get involved locally", or "don't tell me about Q, tell me you're volunteering as a precinct chair in your voting precinct", or "Q was a psyop, the military is not coming, the military works for the corrupt criminals". I mean, people who I think genuinely love our country and want to save it arguing and bickering amongst themselves on who's right or wrong or who's a hustler taking advantage of people. I've noticed it so much that it inspired me to write this blog.

While there may be truth, somewhere, in every one of these sentiments, nobody has exclusive patents on truth except our heavenly Father. Some folks believe only they can decree something as the truth, and anyone who doesn't believe them is dim, or lazy, or delusional. 

I got a news flash for everybody. There is no your truth, or my truth, or this group or that group's truth. There is only the truth. His name is Yeshua. His name is Jesus Christ. His name is the name above all names. He is exactly who he said he was. 

Amber and I keep up with current events. Like really keep up with them. Amber is really into, and very good at, research, and looking into the past for information. We both studied the Q posts. We both believe the Bible is God's written word, and every event in the Bible has to happen and be fulfilled. We both believe that our heavenly Father is the only one who will get us out of this mess, and not any person or group of people. However, each one of us has a role to play and things to do for the advancement of God's Kingdom.

I believe everyone needs to seek God's will for their lives, and their purpose for God's Kingdom, and in the times we live in, I mean, we really, really have to seek it. For some, just being a good and faithful mother to a child may be it, or to be a kind and punctual truck driver who people can tell loves the Lord. Maybe you have been able to retire from work and the Lord leads you to get involved in your local elections, or even run for and hold an office. 

My point is, everybody needs to be looking up. We need to seek God's will for us like we don't have much time left. I believe the prophets when they say the Lord says we will see incredible things soon, acts of God ten times greater than anyone has ever seen. Think about that for a minute. Ten times greater than anything anyone saw that was recorded in the Bible! I can't even begin to imagine what we are about to see, with our own eyes!! Makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up just thinking about it.

I believe we're about to have a bumpy ride. That may be an understatement, but I guess I'll find out. All things are pointing to some kind of global financial "collapse", or some kind of war escalation or catastrophic something or another, and you have to live in a forest with no outside communication to not hear about said threats from, literally, anywhere and everywhere. Like, every day. 

The Bible says do not fear and seek ye first the Kingdom of Heaven. I love y'all, and I pray the Lord will let each of you know him more, and guide every one of your steps in the weeks and months to come. Look up y'all. Look up.

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