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My Take On Where We Are...

I'd like to take a minute and explore where we all are right now. I think they have us well on our way to a kinetic world war, but I believe we are already in WW3. It's just mostly information warfare right now. I would like to thank and praise Father Yahwey that it hasn't turned to shots fired and bombs and missiles yet, and I pray they are unsuccessful in bringing us to that point.

So let's talk about Q for a minute, or Q Anon as the propaganda media likes to call it. Whether you believe that Q is legit, or conspiracy, or disinformation (to borrow a couple of CIA terms), the information that Q provided has proven to be eerily accurate. Spot on in many cases. Amber ran across Q very early, like when they first started with the posts back in 2017. She introduced me to it slowly, and I was still pretty brainwashed. She would ask me did I believe our government was capable of doing this, or that, and I would say, nah, that's hard for me to believe. I was like, no way people in our government are doing such corrupt and evil things. There are too many checks and balances for stuff like that to happen.

I guess the 2020 election was what really put me over the top. As soon as that happened, it was like Yeshua just lifted the veil covering my eyes, and I was like, well, yeah, they are capable of doing this corrupt and evil stuff. Not only are they capable, but I now see how they've been doing it. I'm talking about crimes against humanity, crimes against children, human trafficking, and much worse (wait for it, but it will be exposed). These are the types of things these Q posts were exposing. It was very hard to believe, but with each passing day, it is all being proven to be accurate.

I remember hearing a man speak at my old church in Nashville. It had to be 17-18 years ago. He was saying if we didn't wake up and start defending against China, we all better learn to speak Mandarin. We're almost there.

I think more than anything, it just comes down to plain, old-fashioned greed, and the love of money. So, here's my take. The "elites" want to control us "peasants" right? To maintain their "elite" status for generations to come, they need us as their serfs to maintain that. They look at China's CCP, and think, yeah, that's the perfect way to get it done, communism. So they support China, and bringing their systems of controlling people to America, and the rest of the "free" world.

China doesn't care about the elites, they just want to control and dominate the entire world. The "elites" are useful idiots to the CCP. So what we've had for decades, is a combination of "elites" (Rockefellers, Rothschilds, etc.), leftover Nazis (which now that I've said it would have been a great name for a British punk band in the 60's, but I digress), and the CCP all working in congruence to corrupt our government with bribes, blackmail, etc. The CIA, FBI, FDA, I guess most of our letter agencies have fallen, and are under the control of the corrupted. All in an attempt to bring down and destroy America, and usher in the "new world order", one world government (communist), leaving the CCP running the world, and the "elites" remaining in their comfy positions.

Well, I don't believe we're there yet, and I don't think Father Yahwey has ordained it for this time, but I also believe we're not far from it either.

Enter Trump and Q. According to one of my cousins, I should seek counseling for giving Q any credit. It's just a bunch of conspiracy theories, and I'm a nut for giving it the time of day. If you're not familiar with the Q posts, they were posted on anonymous chat boards called 4 chan and 8 kun. These are kind of underground, almost dark web kind of chat boards.

Look, none of us regular folks know what's going on as far as any kind of "plan" by Trump, our military, etc., but we know with certainty that we would not be finding out all the things we're finding out unless it was being done intentionally. You think Joey "Bribes" Biden ever wanted anyone to know about all the millions of dollars he took in bribes from China, Ukraine, and others? Do you think we'd be learning how we really don't have elections in America, but that we have "selections", if we were all still asleep at the wheel? Well, who is doing the exposure?

Here's where I stand. I believe that God's will WILL BE DONE NO MATTER WHAT!! That's what I believe. I also think it is very possible that our military guys and gals saw that we were very close to being completely overtaken and destroyed, and very well could have had plans to expose it and thwart it. However, I do believe that any plan like that, worked out by people, is 100% ordained, construed, and implemented by all mighty God Father Yahwey, and he is using these people to carry out his plans, every dotted i and crossed t, down to the exact minute and second that he has planned. He is the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, and everything in between! Praise His name and hallelujah!

We're about go through some stuff in this world. Do not fear! Father Yahwey has it all under control, and we should all be praying and thanking Him for it. But, hey, it's OK if indeed Trump and our military are executing a plan to save our republic. Just remember, to God be all the glory, and if there's a plan, it's His plan executed by His people, and nothing the enemy does will stop it from coming to fruition. Keep the faith y'all, and pray like you never prayed before. We need it. God bless!

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