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Hanging on to the last inch of the rope.

I don't know about y'all, but sometimes I feel like a spiritual giant standing on top of Mt. Kilimanjaro, and other times I feel like the underside of an earthworm in the Valley of Magido.

Here's what I know. Father Yahweh is about to flip some tables, big time. You may not know, but Amber and I did a video podcast for about 2 years called The Kiln Podcast. Many of the shows are up on Rumble, and you can still watch them. Part of doing the show was, we each kept up with as many things happening in the world as humanly possible. Then we picked topics to talk about on the show. We both still do this, even though our situation at the moment has made it very difficult to keep the show going. We read about and see all the evil that has been prospering in our world. It can be disheartening, but the one thing I know is, He is about to show up like we have never seen or even read about in the Bible.

However, some days I feel like I am so, so close to ascending into a higher level of communication and fellowship with Him, and then a day or 2 later, I read stuff about the corruption and darkness going on in our world, and feel like I'm not even in the same hemisphere with him. Am I the only one who feels this way right now? How can we (I) have been so steady and consistent in my faith and what I knew were certainties in this world for so many years, and then now even allow questioning Father Yahwey's complete and total control over every step of what's going on in the world?

My answer to this question, to take a word from the headlines, is misinformation. Not from any politician or scientist or anyone on the far right or left, but misinformation from satan himself and his puppets. Every day, I feel like I'm being told by many that our heavenly Father isn't in control. The Satanists, deep state, corrupt, criminal, despicable people are in control, and there's nothing you or your "God" can do about it. You just have to fall down and surrender to us.

Excuse my language, but that's a bunch of bull crap right there!

All of us know, without a shadow of a doubt, that big, huge, gigantic things are about to happen in this world. We as Christians and lovers of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, are being pushed over the cliff by every dark force imaginable right now, and some of us, I'd bet a lot of us, are hanging on to the very last inch of our rope, keeping us from destruction. When I say destruction, I mean physically, emotionally, spiritually, socially, financially, I mean every destruction we could have in this earthly life is on the table right now. A lot of us, myself included, are just waking up to the knowledge that they literally want to kill us all, spare the few they can get to their knees and become slaves to them.

Why is this happening now, in our lifetimes and not a previous or future generation? Well, it is spelled out for us that Christ will return for His second coming before the generation that saw Israel become a nation has passed. That's a loose interpretation but I think it's accurate. So, this is all happening because Jeshua will be returning soon. Well, hallelujah and praise His name! Nobody will know the day or hour, but almost every day, I find myself looking at the sky, and wondering what it will be like to see Him. I don't know if I'll be able to do anything but fall on my face in praise and worship. Will we even be here? Lots of discussion on that, too.

I guess, what I'm trying to say is, if you feel sometimes like you're hanging on to the last inch of your rope, dig your fingernails in and hold on with everything you got, cause we cannot be very far away from God showing up and showing His all encompassing power and majesty and glory, and we get to witness it!

Hold on to that rope y'all. Hold on.

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