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The Father Is Good!

Hey everyone! May our Heavenly Father bless and keep each of you! Well, Amber and I put out a new song called I Am A Warrior. It's currently being played on radio stations in 32 countries! Boy, are we just blown away!! When I think about how many people in all these different places, with different cultures and languages, are hearing our song and declaring to the fear, sickness, worry, and anger in their lives that they are a child of the Most High King of Kings, and the devil has no control over them, it makes me want to cry out to the Father in joyous praise! Hallelujah, praise Father Yahwey! But here's what really made us both cry. Amber sent the song to an online friend of hers, whose brother was in ICU dying of cancer. He sent the song to his brother's daughter. She played the song for her dying daddy in the hospital room. She said he got a big grin on his face and kept gesturing

for her to play it over and over. It makes me tear up just typing this. That's what it's all about y'all. We don't fight against flesh in this life, we fight the powers and principalities of the spirit world. And guess what? We've read the book, and we know who wins! We just have to press in deeper. Deeper in scripture, deeper in prayer. Y'all, we are in the biggest battle between good and evil any of us have ever seen. We need our Heavenly Father and his angel armies more than ever! Pray without ceasing. Put on the full armor. We are His warriors in this physical world we live in. And the more angels we gather, the better it is for humanity. Let's all continue to be Father Yahwey's warriors in this unpredictable time in the history of humanity. May Father Yahwey continue to bless and hold every single one of you tight in His arms!! -Marc

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